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Muscat Grand Mall

I never knew how big this mall is, until yesterday. I know some of you would say “don’t tell me you haven’t moved round the mall until yesterday”.

The truth is that when the mall was opened last year, I was among the first set of people that viewed the mall, but to be honest, then I was not impressed with the mall (I don’t know if it was because most stores  had not fully moved in, or if it was because of the picture of Dubai Mall I had in my head), so I just restricted myself to the Carrefour shop and the Food court area (of course I don’t miss locating this area in any mall …Hahaha!). I made sure I use the parking lot close to this area, so that I don’t make the mistake of seeing other part of the mall (and may be get angry …lol)

But during the weekend, my little princess destroyed my camera (this is a normal life when you have a toddler at home), so I needed to get a new one. I felt lazy to drive to the City Center, so I reluctantly drove to the Muscat Grand Mall (maybe because I was already at the traffic light beside it).

To my amazement, it was far better than what I had thought …I am impressed!

This is where I usually visit (for some groceries), but never explored some of the areas below

 If you want to know more about Oman, it also has a section where you can read about the history of Oman …lovely!

I like the name “The Sleep Gallery”, I am yet to explore it.

There were stores I never knew had opened their outlets in this mall. Although I wish other stores we have in the Muscat City Center like; Mothercare, Marks & Spencer, Next, Zara, Monsoon, Forever 21 etc., also have their outlets there.

There are lots of other stores and activities, like the cinema, kids play area, companies, etc (It would be time consuming to upload all the pictures ) …I had a nice stroll and it was fun.

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