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Reasons to try out the Expat Life

Most times, I get this questions from family, friends and even acquaintances; Do you like living abroad? How is life as an expatriate?

While living as an expat can make you feel homesick at times, I am excited of the opportunities I have had and is still having as an expatriate.There are numerous reasons why people like the expat life but these are my top five reasons;

Knowledge gained: Usually, there is a difference in the way of life between your home country and your destination country. Moving to a new country gives you an opportunity to learn a lot. You get to learn about a new culture and history, sometimes you may have to learn a new language. Learning new things can be challenging, but it’s worth it in the end. The knowledge you gain is different from what you might read in a book or on the internet.

Opportunity to travel: Expat life also affords you the opportunity to travel. Despite having to travel out of your home country, the quest to explore your destination country makes you to travel internally a lot, and with time, you find yourself traveling to other countries to explore them. You get to travel and visit places that you will never forget. I love traveling, and I’m also grateful that living as an expatriate has given me the opportunity to experience it.

Culture sharing: I feel blessed to have friends from various nationalities,and this also gives me the opportunity to experience their culture even when i am yet to visit their countries. I get to eat their food, learn their cultures as they also eat my food and learn about my culture. The vast cultures I have now experienced is something I may not have experienced if I didn’t leave  my country.

Explore: Life is an adventure. Being able to explore is one of the reasons I like the expat life. You get to see, live and familiarize with a culture that was initially unfamiliar to you. Also while exploring, you tend to personally experience a culture which most times is different from the perceptions you may have formed by relying on the media.

Self development: In the process of learning and experiencing these cultures, you realize that you have developed. You are no longer the same person you were when you first left your country because you now see life differently. Maturity also comes in along the way, and you also realize that you can cope with some circumstances life throws at you without relying on your family and friends back home. Expat life also give some people a fresh start to life.

If you are thinking of making that move to live as an expat, and need a little push, I hope this post gives you that push 😉





On the move again…

It’s not yet vacation time, and I’m already having some fun!

Mr. C (my hubby) had some official stuffs to do in Abu Dhabi, and gave us (I and Zita) an offer to join him, … of course we jumped at it …lol!

The moment he said we were traveling with Oman Air, my facial expression changed (I felt it would not be fun). Oh! before you get it all wrong, I had not traveled with the Airline before, and also never heard of the Airline until we moved to Oman (I thought I knew the major International Airlines, but this proved me wrong).

Surprisingly, It was fun traveling with Oman Air …I enjoyed every bit of the experience.

I enjoyed the atmosphere

Enjoyed the food and drinks

Kids play area

And even my favourite Chedi Spa was there

Although, I’m yet to experience their Economy class, but comparing their business class service to that of other airlines I have experienced, I believe the airline is worth an experience.

It was a lovely experience with Oman Air …I would definitely do it again.


Mums and Summer Time!!!

With the present level of humidity, you don’t need someone to tell you the time of the year it is …your skin feels sweaty but you don’t sweat it  out (weird right!), you keep drinking water yet you are always thirsty and when you are out in the evening, you still feel same but now the air is hot and feels like you are going to choke (lol) …yeah! it’s SUMMER TIME!!!

The excitement of Summer time is back again. Some have already embarked on their vacation trip, some have a planned trip, some are still figuring the country to visit, some are wondering how to cope when others leave for summer (Yeah! you won’t blame those under this group …because Oman is usually almost like a ghost town during this period ‘for expatriates’ because most expatriates travel around this time).

After sorting out  where to visit and activities for the summer, some are still bordered if their bikini body (Hahaha!!! don’t worry, I’m very far from this category …maybe next time, lol!) is back in shape?

Oh! …And the kids are not left out in this excitement.  They are happy to go on a long break with enough time to play.

While going through Zita’s (my daughter) school bag, after seeing her progress report and the summer greetings from the school (Aww! I love the fact that her hand print is on it …lovely),

I realized some questions that may be going through the mind of some mums during this summer … How do I keep them busy for the whole summer?, What summer camps are in place?, Hope the activities planned would be sufficient?, Is there sufficient activities for kids in the country chosen for vacation? Are the Hotels booked, kids friendly? How do I keep them busy on flight while traveling for vacation? …And the list goes on and on …

No matter the category you find yourself from the questions above, try to have fun.