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Happy to be back

It’s really been a while, and I must admit that I did miss this little space of mine.

A lot has happened during my hiatus. They were exciting and actually got me busy and carried away that I couldn’t come back to this my little space 😉

There were lots of travelling (which would pop up in my posts from time to time), we welcomed a new addition to the family, and I am now based in Canada.



So much has been going on this short while right? 🙂 Don’t worry, Oman is still like home to me, and I will be visiting.

Watch out for regular updates because I’m back!!!




Oman Tech Awards Nominee

First of all, I’ll have to clean the dusts, molds and cobwebs that must have accumulated on my blog site due to the fact that it’s been a year since I last posted on this site …Gosh!!! I can’t believe it’s been One Year!!!

I have been busy with a project that has been taking up my time, and then when coupled with work, mother & wife duties (hahaha!!!), something had to suffer neglect, and that was my blog (Sobs)… it started with days, then weeks, months and now a year. I missed this my little space, and I’m glad to be back. Everything on my dashboard looks new to me, guess I have some learning to do again …lol

It was a surprise to me when I got an email from my web designer, informing me that my blog was entered for the Oman Tech Awards, and it has been nominated as a winning website. I had no knowledge about the awards, but I was happy that it was entered, and the organizers after going through my blog, found it worthy to be nominated.

OTA Award Winner- nijaexpertwife

This blog was created to let my family and friends back home know what I have been up to in Oman, but with time, I realized I was no longer writing for just family and friends, but for people around the world …I was not able to make it to the award ceremony, but do appreciate this recent recognition.

I would also want to use this opportunity to thank all of you for the emails, I am so sorry that I couldn’t reply some emails due to time schedule … I missed you all.






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“Without Fireworks”

This post is coming a bit late because I have been taking more time trying to understand my new site. Moving from Blogspot to Wordpres is ‘kind of’ different for me (but I’m loving wordpress already).

Despite the fact that New Years Eve seemed slightly different without fireworks, I still had fun. It was nice having a taste of nightlife again with dear hubby (with a toddler and a baby, nightlife is a luxury)  … and yes, without the kids.

We celebrated the New Year at Shangri-La Resort, Muscat and their New Year’s Eve programme was lovely. It started with a buffet dinner and unlimited bubbly/beverage, then we proceeded to the Turtle Beach for the countdown party. There was live music at the party and also unlimited booze (drinks) and finger foods. We sang and danced until mid-night and then lit the floating lantern. Watching several other lanterns was magical to me, and also reminded me of our Thailand trip.

There was also an after party at the Shangri-La Ballroom. Instead of walking to the ballroom for the after party, I found myself heading to the room. I was already missing my little angels, and wanted to be sure they were coping fine with the nanny (she did a great job).

Below are some highlights;

















Mum about to lose it

I’m a Mum that is about to lose it …Hey Hey! I mean those extra pounds.
I have been yo-yo dieting, and my weight kept going up and down, but I guess it’s time for a healthy lifestyle (I know that it’s not going to be easy). I have now set up my own rules (from lessons learnt with my previous experiences) to lead a healthy lifestyle my own way.

My rules are;
1. Be Real; I am going to set realistic goals. It didn’t take me one month to gain all these, so why do I expect to lose them in a month? All I need to see is progress, and no matter how small, I will appreciate it.

2. Stop my Gym membership and have fun: Hahaha! Yes you read the lines right, don’t re-read it thinking I omitted a word. Since We moved to Muscat, I got a gym membership and never forgot to renew it every year(you would have expected to see some “Halle Berry” abs right?). If I didn’t write this now, you wouldn’t have known because my body has nothing to show for it … Hahaha!
Anyway I realize when I go to the gym for two weeks, it becomes more of an obligation which I don’t enjoy doing, so I end up stopping it, and when it’s a new year I rush back to renew thinking it would be different.

But now I’m going to have fun, I’ll do things I enjoy doing like taking a walk, dancing and would still use my little gym set up in my house. So now I don’t feel compelled to go to the gym based on membership but I choose to burn those calories based on the mood I find myself. Isn’t it fun?

3. Keep the scale away: I have noticed that whenever I start a weight loss journey, I get my eyes fixed on my scale and the numbers, if the numbers don’t go away as I expect I get angry and demoralized. Thereafter go back to where I started feeling the efforts I had made aren’t working. This time, I’m going to measure my progress with my cloth size. I Would bring a cloth from the immediate size below my present size and check if I can fit into it fortnightly, until I finally fit into it.

I started practicing these rules over a month ago, and below is Top of mine I managed to squeeze myself into;

I still have a long way to go, but at least this is a progress I’m happy to share.

4. Eat “Everything”: Apart from the fact that I’m still breastfeeding, and my baby still needs healthy nutrients from me, I have also noticed that restricting myself to a particular kind of meal is not a healthy long term weight loss goal. The moment you start eating other stuff not in the diet plan, the weight piles on again (yeah this my personal experience).
So this time around I’ll eat everything but “portion control” and “calorie count” would be my watch word.

5. I’m Not a Hollywood Mum: Yeah, this is what I’ll constantly remind myself. Hollywood Mums lose their baby weight in a month or two after delivery, but I have to remind myself that I’m not them. I don’t have the paparazzi around me, I don’t have millions of followers on social media, I don’t have a weight loss company putting pressure on me to be their brand ambassador, I don’t have the media discussing how long it has taken me to shed it …I’m just a regular mum, so why the pressure?

I’ll keep you all updated with posts on my progress or failures popping up from to time …lol



Is this the winter in Oman?

I remember when we first moved to Muscat, a family friend was telling us about Oman and he told us that we should get prepared for winter. I began to wonder what winter would be like here, I was trying to imagine if this winter he is talking about would be like the ones we experienced in Aberdeen (The last place we lived in before moving to Muscat) …lol!

When the months passed by, I noticed around October that year, that all the clothing stores had winter jackets (the very thick ones you find in snowy regions) on display, and I said to myself …Oh! our family friend informed us.

As the days turned to weeks and weeks to months, I noticed that the weather was getting cold and windy (but not to the extent that I would need winter jackets), and around March the following year, the weather started getting hot. I asked myself, “Is this the winter in Oman?”

It’s getting to the so called winter season (or should I say the winter season is here), and as usual the winter jackets are on trend in the stores, 6pm now seems like 9pm (longer nights). It rained last night and today, and there was also thunder and lightnings.

Below is a picture I took last night around 8pm during the lightning (the lightning made it seem like daytime), before the rain started.

Whether this is winter or not, I’m so loving this weather  …winks



Weekend with Barney

Barney (of Barney & Friends) was in Oman during the last weekend, and this gave residents/visitors in Oman (especially those with kids) an opportunity to spend some hours with him.

After the much publicized “Barney in Oman” show (Oh yeah! This show was advertised in the malls, radio, newspapers, blogs etc …I don’t think there is anyone in Oman during this period that was not aware that Barney was visiting Oman), hubby got Zita and I  a VIP ticket (which in my personal opinion, I don’t think it was worth the price) to watch the show.

Oh! Don’t get me wrong, the show itself was fabulous, both Zita (who was dancing and almost wanting to join Barney on stage) and I enjoyed the show. Barney was there with his friends (Baby Bop, B.J, Riff and some of the Adults ), and there were lots of singing and dancing. I made lots of amateur videos and would share one with you …winks

Here’s a link (Click on “link”) to the video, and below are some of the pictures

What I didn’t like about the show was the fact that the show started about 35minutes late.
As regards the VIP seats, apart from the fact that we were close to the stage (which made it easy for me to make my amateur videos …lol),  the seats were covered with blue  and white materials, and we were served donuts and water, I didn’t really think they were worth the 125 RO (325 US Dollars) and 75 RO (195 US Dollars) per seat.

Part of the advantage of the VIP ticket was the fact that you would get to take some pictures with Barney, but this also got tiresome because we had to wait for those without VIP tickets to leave, queue for your turn, and then spend few seconds with Barney (which was done in a rush) …Hahaha!

Despite these minor errors (which I feel may be because we attended the 1st show on the 1st day), We had a great time.




360° Oman

It’s been almost a year now since 360° restaurant launched in Muscat. I have heard and read reviews about this restaurant, but I haven’t visited the restaurant until the last Eid Holiday (unlike me …I know).

Hubby and I wanted a fine dinning experience and we felt like exploring instead of going to our regular restaurants. 360° came to our mind and we decided to give it a try.

The restaurant is located at the Penthouse of Al Nahda Towers 2, Ghala (Opposite Zubair Automobile). There are two similar towers, go to the one that has the Vaccha Hypermart.
On getting to the ground floor there is the restaurant hostess by the lift to welcome you. Since we didn’t make a booking (because we decided on the restaurant on our drive to the restaurant …lol), the hostess at the ground floor informed us of the dinning options, and we chose the live Teppanyaki.

By the lift at the Penthouse (which is where the restaurant is located), A waitress was already waiting for us, she also gave us a warm welcome and assisted us to the seat she had set for us (we were lucky that some seats were available at the live Teppanyaki section, because there are limited seats in that section, and customers usually make early bookings).

The restaurant has a fantastic view, with a huge space for groups or couples who would like to have some privacy. They also have a luxury shisha lounge (for those that love shisha) and outside seating area.

 This is part of the restaurant’s view

The waitress had good knowledge of the Menu, and was always there to make sure everything was fine

 …The Chef was entertaining (I wish I made a video …sad face)

I enjoyed all I ate there (The meal was great), here are pictures of my meal

 Delicious Sushi

I had already started eating before I remembered I needed to get a picture of this …lol

I enjoyed the dessert

  I will definitely visit again.



Nigerian Day in Muscat

The Nigerian day is being celebrated by Nigerians living in Oman every year.
Officially, October 1st is Nigeria’s National day, but here in Muscat different events are usually organized around this period to celebrate this day.

This year was no difference. There were various events like family day, sports day, symposium and the gala nite. For some reasons, most of the events didn’t fit into my schedule but I promised myself that I won’t miss the Gala Night which took place on the 11th of October, 2013.

This is a night that reminds you of the Nigerian culture especially with the different Nigerian cultural attire, Variety of Nigerians dishes, Green and White (colour of the Nigerian flag) decorations etc.

Below are some of the pictures;

There were lots to eat and drink

There was a section for kids entertainment

Some traditional artifacts

Beautiful Nigerian attire

…And then dance! dance!! dance!!!

It was really a fun-filled night and even these lovely cuties had fun socializing …xx



Logos Hope Cruise Ship

Logos Hope which is said to be the world’s largest floating book fair, docked at Port Sultan Qaboos, Oman. She arrived the Sultanate on the 1st of October but was open to the public from the 2nd to the 7th of October, and I was fortunate to have made it on the last day …winks

Logos Hope contains auditoriums, cabins and most importantly the bookshop …The bookshop had different books and DVD’s on various interests like Children, Cookery, Science, Sports, Fiction, Religious, Relationship, Family etc.

This is the second time Logos Hope is visiting the Sultanate and they were very organized. Visitors were made to park their cars at the port services building parking lot, purchase their tickets, and take the shuttle services to and from the Vessel.

Here are some of the pictures below;

Before getting into the bookshop, we were informed (or should I say ‘lectured’ …lol) on how to convert the prices from units to Omani Rials (as seen in the picture below)

It was very busy inside …

…And I liked its view at night (definitely not with the large yellow vehicle in front …lol)


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The Mexican Restaurant

I can’t believe another weekend is almost over.
Whew!!! (am really stretching) …last week was a very busy week that I couldn’t notice the days passing by. I had to rest the whole of today(while preparing for the new week) and hardly stepped out.

OK, back to our Mexican gist … Last weekend, we (my hubby and I) felt like exploring meals, and while trying to decide, we agreed on a Mexican Restaurant in MQ.

Apart from the restaurants’ sign post, you may find it difficult to locate the restaurant because its main entrance is a thick door (which you can’t see through). We actually had to open the door to confirm they were not closed for the day.

Anyway, openning the main entrance door, you would notice two other entrances, one leads to the restaurant and the other to their bar.

What caught my attention was the display of cultural arts which really made the restaurant unique.

Their meals were lovely

…Although we were not used to their kind of beans (which is one good thing about exploring other cultures …you always learn something new)

 Oh! How can I be in a Mexican restaurant without margarita! …winks

The most interesting part was their dessert (The Mexican style apple pie), I really enjoyed it

…And this exploration also made me discover that the restaurant has some activities(as seen on the table mat) scheduled for some days.

I will definitely come back for the Karaoke Night …winks