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Oman Tech Awards Nominee

First of all, I’ll have to clean the dusts, molds and cobwebs that must have accumulated on my blog site due to the fact that it’s been a year since I last posted on this site …Gosh!!! I can’t believe it’s been One Year!!!

I have been busy with a project that has been taking up my time, and then when coupled with work, mother & wife duties (hahaha!!!), something had to suffer neglect, and that was my blog (Sobs)… it started with days, then weeks, months and now a year. I missed this my little space, and I’m glad to be back. Everything on my dashboard looks new to me, guess I have some learning to do again …lol

It was a surprise to me when I got an email from my web designer, informing me that my blog was entered for the Oman Tech Awards, and it has been nominated as a winning website. I had no knowledge about the awards, but I was happy that it was entered, and the organizers after going through my blog, found it worthy to be nominated.

OTA Award Winner- nijaexpertwife

This blog was created to let my family and friends back home know what I have been up to in Oman, but with time, I realized I was no longer writing for just family and friends, but for people around the world …I was not able to make it to the award ceremony, but do appreciate this recent recognition.

I would also want to use this opportunity to thank all of you for the emails, I am so sorry that I couldn’t reply some emails due to time schedule … I missed you all.