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Expat Life: Making Friends Abroad

Most times when you talk about expat life, all people think about is the exotic lifestyle they believe you are living (to an extent, this may be true). As an expat, you are fortunate to visit places/ countries you may not have thought you would visit. You get to learn about cultures, food and ways of life different from what you have been used to, and get to see life outside the box that the media limits you to. Also get to make friends from various nationalities.

Despite all these listed above, what you may not be prepared for is the effect of Expat life on Friendships. Whether you have lived in a country for a long time or moving to a new country, this still gets to affect you, and I will explain myself better in two subheadings;

Lived as an Expat for a long time

If you have lived in a country for a long while, you get to adapt to the country and it starts to feel like home. Part of what makes it feel like home to you are the friends you make, and usually you find yourself making friends with your fellow expats (you also need the locals) because you believe you share something in common, and they understand better what it means to leave your family and friends back home to chase your dream.

After making such friends, the day you usually dread is when your friend breaks the news to you that they are moving to another country. You start to wonder how to go on friendship search again, who to call for coffee mornings, who to gist with and share new discoveries about the city. At this moment that feeling you had the first time you moved to that city/ country creeps back in …how do I adapt to this city?

Moving to a new country

On the other hand, for those moving to a new city, while you are excited about your new adventure, you get to ask questions about the best schools, places to live etc., and usually don’t think about making friends. But the truth is that outside your family or whoever you moved with, friends make transition to a new environment easier. But at this stage of life (also for your kids), making friends is not that easy. The older we get, the more we get interested in other things like career and family, while friends are usually not priorities. This also applies to expat life, and usually affects the accompanying partner more because the working partner get to make friends from the professional network.

Whether you find yourself in any of the groups above, these are five ways to make friends as an expat:

Live in Expat community: As stated in my previous post, this goes a long way to help expatriates adapt to a new environment. Not only are they more accessible for questions you would have, they might in the long run end up being your friends.

Get to know your colleagues: Although I usually say “do not mix business with pleasure”, but people do get to make their friends from their working environment. Since you usually spend a reasonable time of the day with them, with time you get to know them better, and the end up being friends.

Register for a class or club: While you use the classes (for example, yoga, swimming etc.) as a hobby or as an opportunity to get busy, fit or learn something new, it is also a way that expats end up making new friends.

Join groups: There are various groups for like minds, find a group that suits you. With time, and several meet-ups, people usually end up making friends. I personally met some beautiful people through the moms group in Muscat.

Attend events: People usually make reference to this as a means to make friends. Personally, I don’t see how meeting someone randomly in an event makes the person a friend. Unless you keep meeting the person in various events, then that I understand 🙂

Finally, while trying to make friends, do not be in a rush, do not force it, do not be worried when things don’t go your way. You can also have fun being by yourself 🙂





Food Festival

I keep promising myself to blog more frequently, but with my present schedule, I guess it is easier said than done … I hope to be more efficient with time …winks

Last weekend, I attended the Food Festival organized by the Ghala Church (the arrangement somehow reminded me of Aberdeen International street market).

Different communities were represented, and below are some of the pictures.

I couldn’t get a close picture of the food because of the crowd …it was fun hanging out and chatting with friends while trying out different food.


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The Mexican Restaurant

I can’t believe another weekend is almost over.
Whew!!! (am really stretching) …last week was a very busy week that I couldn’t notice the days passing by. I had to rest the whole of today(while preparing for the new week) and hardly stepped out.

OK, back to our Mexican gist … Last weekend, we (my hubby and I) felt like exploring meals, and while trying to decide, we agreed on a Mexican Restaurant in MQ.

Apart from the restaurants’ sign post, you may find it difficult to locate the restaurant because its main entrance is a thick door (which you can’t see through). We actually had to open the door to confirm they were not closed for the day.

Anyway, openning the main entrance door, you would notice two other entrances, one leads to the restaurant and the other to their bar.

What caught my attention was the display of cultural arts which really made the restaurant unique.

Their meals were lovely

…Although we were not used to their kind of beans (which is one good thing about exploring other cultures …you always learn something new)

 Oh! How can I be in a Mexican restaurant without margarita! …winks

The most interesting part was their dessert (The Mexican style apple pie), I really enjoyed it

…And this exploration also made me discover that the restaurant has some activities(as seen on the table mat) scheduled for some days.

I will definitely come back for the Karaoke Night …winks


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Dinner at the Noodle House

After some family shopping at the Seeb City Center last night, we were hungry (moreover it was dinner time) and we decided to have dinner at the City center (Mall). We needed a place that would be a bit more relaxing and quiet (after a busy day activities and night shopping with a toddler, one would need some minutes to relax) …enough of blah! blah! …we finally decided on ‘The Noodle House’ based on our previous experiences with them.

The calmness of the environment was what we needed (at that moment, we weren’t in the mood for the busy food court).

Their Menu list was exciting, with mouth watering Asian delicacies

We (My hubby and I, and of course our lil princess who made sure she had a taste of everything) had Sticky chilli beef ribs, crispy salt and pepper calamari, Chinese prawn crakers (side) for Appetizers

When the Main Course arrived, I didn’t know where to start from (I actually didn’t know my thoughts reflected on my face and my hubby was quick to capture it …winks)

Our Main Course consisted of Thai style chilli prawns with basil (usually served with steamed rice);

Nasi goreng with chicken satay and fried egg;

And Singapore noodles with chicken and prawns (which is usually our attraction to the noodle house);

For beverage menu, My hubby had the fresh iced tea, our lil princess had apple juice while I had a mocktail (can’t remember the name …’shame’). I enjoyed my choice of mocktail (tried this particular option for the first time)  …it had some sprinkle of mint leaves that gave it a kind of flavour I enjoyed.

The meals were great, just that we wanted most of our meals to be very spicy (more chilli), but we didn’t get a taste of the spice (maybe it’s as a result of our Naija tastebuds …lol). The price of the entire meal (including the drinks we had) was 31 Omani Rials (about 13,000 Naira or 81 USD), which is Ok compared to what we had and the standard of living in Oman.

 At the end, we definitely had a good night and I couldn’t wait to run to my bed.