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Review: Superstore ‘Click and Collect’

This month’s favourite is the Real Canadian Superstore Click and Collect. As a busy mom with three kids and the youngest being 2months old, grocery shopping is something I don’t look forward to. It is definitely not the way I would like to unwind after a busy day of combining career and motherhood activities. This was why I couldn’t wait to try out the Real Canadian Superstore click and collect, when a friend told me about it.

There are various online grocery home delivery options, but I personally do prefer shopping from supermarkets that I have had an in store experience (this applies only to groceries). With an in store experience, shopping online is easier as you are familiar with the brands and products the store displays. Superstore is a supermarket that I’m familiar with, and shopping online from them didn’t feel different.

Presently, Superstore doesn’t do home delivery. They do have an option where you shop online and go to your choice of their store location at a specific time (selected when you placed your order) to pick up your order. Which they call the ‘Click and Collect’. Based on my experience shopping with them, these are the pros and cons


Convenience: Just like every other online shopping, it gives you the option to shop from the convenience of your home. You shop at your own time and pace without having to deal with long queues during check out. You also get the option to choose the time and place you want to pick up your order.

Editing of Order: If for some reasons you change your mind, you can conveniently change your order. You can decide to delete an item or add an item within a reasonable stipulated time (usually the last minute before the pick-up day). The changes can be done without making a separate transaction or having to deal with your money been placed on hold.

Easier shopping: The site gives you an option to create your shopping list. It also makes your next shopping easier because it saves tabs of the items you shop regularly or occasionally. On your next shopping, you don’t have to waste your time searching for items you previously purchased if you want to buy them again.

Budget Friendly: If like me, you usually end up buying items you do not need, then try this out. You tend to stick to your budget, as been tempted or distracted from your shopping list (like it does when shopping in-store) is minimized.

Stress free pick-up: Depending on the time you place your order, there is an option for you to pick up your order on the same day without having to pay more.

During pick up, there are designated parking for click and collect customers. Therefore, there is no need to stress out, searching for parking. Also, you do not have to come out of your car as someone brings it to you and loads it to your vehicle at no extra cost apart from the $3 or $5 (depending on time of pick up) paid when you placed your order.


Actually, I cannot find a fault on the Superstore Click and Collect, but in order to make my review balanced and fair, this is my only cons;

The Click and Collect seems not to be mobile phone friendly, when I tried it. Surprisingly, I could not place an order from my phone the first time I tried their site. I contacted them and was told to try a different browser, which I did. Weirdly, on my next shopping I tried the same browser (which didn’t go through on my phone) from my MacBook and it went through. So I can’t really say why it didn’t go through on my phone.

If you have a busy schedule, do not have time for in store shopping, do not like third party grocery home delivery, and live in Canada, then Superstore Click and Collect might be for you.




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The Winner!!!

Thank You to all those that entered for the Free Gift draw, our winner has emerged.

Congratulations!!!  Nigel, you won the “Free Gift: The Entertainer 2015”. I just discovered today is also your birthday. Happy Birthday!!! …what a good surprise!

An email has been sent to you on how you would pick up your package. When you receive your package, it would contain two booklets, One is the Entertainer Oman and the other is Entertainer Travel.

On the cover page of Entertainer Oman, you will find your membership number, go to their website and register your book with the membership number. With these, you can download the application on your phone and start enjoying your membership offers (no need to move about with the books or vouchers).


See below a Snapshot of the draw result;










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Free Gift: The Entertainer 2015

The month of February is believed to be a month to show some love to loved ones (Although I don’t believe in this, I believe love should be expressed and shown to loved ones everyday), I would like to show some love to my Naija Expat Wife readers in the little way I can. This is my own way of saying ‘Thank You’ for the encouragement I get from you all .

I will be giving out a copy of The Entertainer 2015 for FREE. This 2015 Entertainer Voucher booklet is priced at 29.5 Omani Rials (76 US Dollars), but it is worth 24, 000 Omani Rials (62,000 US Dollars), which is the estimated total you would be saving as stated on their website. It gives you an opportunity to explore Oman with over 450 Buy One get One free offers in Oman covering Dining, Leisure, Health/Fitness, Spa etc. and also over 250 Buy One get One free offers in Hotels across Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia.



While trying to explore Oman, you can use the vouchers in this booklet in various outlets which includes; VOX Cinema, Almouj Gulf Club, Dunkin Donuts, KFC, Pizza Hut, Tim Horton’s, Chili’s, 360 Degrees, Bliss, The Spa, Rumba Lattina, T.G.I.Friday’s, Shang Thai, Just Grilled, Cafe Ceramique, Cake Gallery, Gloria Jean’s Coffee, O’Malley’s, Sports Bar, Cold Stone Creamery, City Cinema, Magic Planet, Dr. Fish etc.

It can also be used in 5 star and 4 star Hotels like; Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa (Al Bandar & Al Waha), Crowne Plaza Resort Salalah, Movenpick Hotel Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Radisson Royal Hotel Dubai, Sheraton Bahrain Hotel, Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah, Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay, Jordan Valley Marriott Resort & Spa, Le Royal Hotels and Resorts Beirut, Grand Hyatt Doha, Jeddah Marriott Hotel, Intercontinental Carlton Hotel Cannes, Fairmont Jaipur, Marti Instabul Hotel … The list is inexhaustible. It can be used in some hotels in Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Maldives, Mauritius, South Africa, Morocco, Kenya.

Terms and conditions on how to use these vouchers are explained in the booklet. The booklet comes with your membership number, and how you can activate your membership. Although I’m yet to start using my vouchers for this year, I’ve used some of their vouchers for previous years, and it was accepted in the outlets they stated for those years.

In order to win this 2015 “The Entertainer”, all you have to do is to write your name and email address below (this would be used to contact the winner). Entry closes on the 19th of February 2015, and the winner would be be selected using, and announced here on the 20th of February 2015.




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Dinner at the Noodle House

After some family shopping at the Seeb City Center last night, we were hungry (moreover it was dinner time) and we decided to have dinner at the City center (Mall). We needed a place that would be a bit more relaxing and quiet (after a busy day activities and night shopping with a toddler, one would need some minutes to relax) …enough of blah! blah! …we finally decided on ‘The Noodle House’ based on our previous experiences with them.

The calmness of the environment was what we needed (at that moment, we weren’t in the mood for the busy food court).

Their Menu list was exciting, with mouth watering Asian delicacies

We (My hubby and I, and of course our lil princess who made sure she had a taste of everything) had Sticky chilli beef ribs, crispy salt and pepper calamari, Chinese prawn crakers (side) for Appetizers

When the Main Course arrived, I didn’t know where to start from (I actually didn’t know my thoughts reflected on my face and my hubby was quick to capture it …winks)

Our Main Course consisted of Thai style chilli prawns with basil (usually served with steamed rice);

Nasi goreng with chicken satay and fried egg;

And Singapore noodles with chicken and prawns (which is usually our attraction to the noodle house);

For beverage menu, My hubby had the fresh iced tea, our lil princess had apple juice while I had a mocktail (can’t remember the name …’shame’). I enjoyed my choice of mocktail (tried this particular option for the first time)  …it had some sprinkle of mint leaves that gave it a kind of flavour I enjoyed.

The meals were great, just that we wanted most of our meals to be very spicy (more chilli), but we didn’t get a taste of the spice (maybe it’s as a result of our Naija tastebuds …lol). The price of the entire meal (including the drinks we had) was 31 Omani Rials (about 13,000 Naira or 81 USD), which is Ok compared to what we had and the standard of living in Oman.

 At the end, we definitely had a good night and I couldn’t wait to run to my bed.

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Muscat Grand Mall

I never knew how big this mall is, until yesterday. I know some of you would say “don’t tell me you haven’t moved round the mall until yesterday”.

The truth is that when the mall was opened last year, I was among the first set of people that viewed the mall, but to be honest, then I was not impressed with the mall (I don’t know if it was because most stores  had not fully moved in, or if it was because of the picture of Dubai Mall I had in my head), so I just restricted myself to the Carrefour shop and the Food court area (of course I don’t miss locating this area in any mall …Hahaha!). I made sure I use the parking lot close to this area, so that I don’t make the mistake of seeing other part of the mall (and may be get angry …lol)

But during the weekend, my little princess destroyed my camera (this is a normal life when you have a toddler at home), so I needed to get a new one. I felt lazy to drive to the City Center, so I reluctantly drove to the Muscat Grand Mall (maybe because I was already at the traffic light beside it).

To my amazement, it was far better than what I had thought …I am impressed!

This is where I usually visit (for some groceries), but never explored some of the areas below

 If you want to know more about Oman, it also has a section where you can read about the history of Oman …lovely!

I like the name “The Sleep Gallery”, I am yet to explore it.

There were stores I never knew had opened their outlets in this mall. Although I wish other stores we have in the Muscat City Center like; Mothercare, Marks & Spencer, Next, Zara, Monsoon, Forever 21 etc., also have their outlets there.

There are lots of other stores and activities, like the cinema, kids play area, companies, etc (It would be time consuming to upload all the pictures ) …I had a nice stroll and it was fun.

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“Seafood House”

If you do visit or live in Muscat (the Capital city in Oman) and haven’t been to the “The Turkish House Restaurant”, then you have not really explored the city. (Oh! this is not an advert, am just been real).

The talk about this restaurant from people of different nationalities would make even a person that hates to explore try it out.

As the name of the restaurant implies, the restaurant is been managed by a Turk …I never knew the Turks were this good with Seafood (Maybe I have to start thinking of visiting Istanbul). 

The restaurant is located in Al Khuwair and is not far from the Radisson Blu Hotel. Although the restaurant operates both day and night, but the best time to locate the restaurant if you are a first timer, is at night. You can’t miss the name of the restaurant wriiten in both English and Arabic with the blue light around it.

You have the option of eating in the restaurant or call to make an order, and then 15 minutes later, you go to the restaurant to pick it up. But last night we (my hubby and I) decided to eat in.

As usual, the appetizer is Turkish flat bread and humus (wooh!!! the bread is irresistible …and they always make sure you have enough of it).

For the main course, whenever I am in this restaurant, I don’t have to look at the menu  (despite it being simple) because I am always in for the seafood, and they have never disappointed me. 

You have the option of choosing the fish yourself (that feeling of the Nigerian “point and kill” restaurants winks …but in this place the fishes are not alive). 

So Last night as usual, we had grilled prawns and fish.

Please don’t ask me, How many people are going to eat that? …hahaha!

So you see why, when I think of ‘Seafood’, I think of the ‘Turkish House Restaurant’ …they call it the Turkish House Restaurant, but I call it the “Seafood House”.