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Jumpsuit is an outfit you can hardly go wrong in (once you pick the right design for your body size) …There are designs for different body sizes, and it can be worn both in a formal or casual form … Oh! Yes, it’s never outdated.










Shake it off


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Photo credit: Justgeensjourney


There is no better way to describe my Past few weeks than with the above picture … OK, I didn’t eat all that …Hahaha!

Watching your diet during festive season is Torture …In Order to make sure I didn’t loose focus during the Christmas season, I tried to cut down on my daily planned calorie intake, leaving spaces for unplanned calorie intakes.

So far, I have noticed that I didn’t loose much, and also didn’t gain. Since I have not attained my goal weight (I still have a long way to go), It’s time to shake it off with more vigorous exercise.

For those of you that are on the same journey as I am, how did you cope during the last Christmas Holiday?




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“Without Fireworks”

This post is coming a bit late because I have been taking more time trying to understand my new site. Moving from Blogspot to Wordpres is ‘kind of’ different for me (but I’m loving wordpress already).

Despite the fact that New Years Eve seemed slightly different without fireworks, I still had fun. It was nice having a taste of nightlife again with dear hubby (with a toddler and a baby, nightlife is a luxury)  … and yes, without the kids.

We celebrated the New Year at Shangri-La Resort, Muscat and their New Year’s Eve programme was lovely. It started with a buffet dinner and unlimited bubbly/beverage, then we proceeded to the Turtle Beach for the countdown party. There was live music at the party and also unlimited booze (drinks) and finger foods. We sang and danced until mid-night and then lit the floating lantern. Watching several other lanterns was magical to me, and also reminded me of our Thailand trip.

There was also an after party at the Shangri-La Ballroom. Instead of walking to the ballroom for the after party, I found myself heading to the room. I was already missing my little angels, and wanted to be sure they were coping fine with the nanny (she did a great job).

Below are some highlights;

















It’s really a Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!!!

new year(photo credit: 2015happynewyears)


I am happy to introduce my new site to you. This has been in progress for the past few weeks (Okay, last year), and I’m excited with the way it turned out. I feel it would make accessing my posts easier …let me know if you feel differently.

It’s been fun sharing my little scribbling space with you all, and how some of you have become friends. I wish you all a happy and prosperous year … Let’s do it again this year!



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Al Bustan Christmas!!!

The last Christmas was Zani’s first Christmas …Yippee!!!

Unlike other years when we used to be in a hurry to travel out of Oman for Christmas, this year we were so reluctant to travel. We wanted to experience Christmas in Oman, we didn’t want the hustle and bustle of traveling. I particularly just wanted to lounge around (but definitely not at home … hahaha!) …We agreed on Al Bustan Palace Hotel (which is also a Ritz-Carlton Hotel).

The usual me always waits for the last minute before packing. I succeeded with this ‘last minute‘ style of packing before the kids came (because it was easy for me to remember all I needed for a journey), but to be honest, last minute packing is not fun with kids (not with a toddler and a baby), I kept running back and forth, and always remembering an item almost forgotten … I guess I need to improve on my ‘mummy planning skills‘ (does this phrase ever exist?).

Anyway, we got to the hotel on the 24th of December to spend few nights. We were warmly received, and check-in was so quick, and also with an upgrade to Lagoon access room. Normally while booking hotel rooms, we usually avoid ground floor rooms (so that we can get good views of areas we visit), but being informed that the rooms with the Lagoon access were their best, because it has direct access to a private pool from the room, we accepted the upgrade …I loved waking up to this view;

The room was neat but I didn’t like the setting of the bathroom, It has a shower demarcated from the toilet with a curtain (Hotels of such category usually have both the Shower and Bath option) …Apart from this, I cannot fault this hotel

We were welcomed with chocolates when we got to the room …and yes they kept sending more through out our stay (Very nice of them …but not good for me …I know!!!)

Meals at their restaurants were nice, and I really enjoyed breakfast at Al Khiran.

We got this delight delivered to us on Christmas day;

Santa, the elves and local musicians gave us a surprising appearance, and kept us entertained at the poolside.

I also noticed they had great customer care service. Every one from House-keeping to Management always greeted with smiles and were always wanting to know if we were enjoying our stay. They usually ended each conversation with ‘Thank you for choosing us’.

We enjoyed our stay …Thank you to the members of staff of Al Bustan Palace Hotel for making our Christmas memorable.



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China Mood

Our Christmas Eve Dinner was at China Mood in Al Bustan Palace Hotel.
It was a 5 course set dinner in two options;

We were welcomed with Green Tea cashew and Green Tea poured out in style;

I went for option A in the set menu, which had these;

Sliced beef shank with sesame, marinated cucumber, orange peel, vegetable spring roll

Traditional Chinese Sea Food Soup

Crispy duck in two styles (Crispy fried spiced duck with pancake & Wok fried minced duck with lettuce)

Wok fried prawns, asparagus

Classic mango pudding with green tea crumbles, and coconut ice cream.

…And we were entertained with live performance;

 The 5 course set menu was 45 OMR per person.

The meal tasted lovely, but I wish a rice or noodles meal was included in the menu.




Saturday Market in Muscat

This post have been in my draft since last Saturday. I guess due to Christmas activities (which I would post later), I was not able to post it until now.

“Souq es Sabt” (which means ‘Saturday market’), took place last Saturday the 20th of December, 2014.  Since I missed their last event (which was on the 6th of December), I made sure I wouldn’t miss this.

Actually, I was curious to attend and see what was sold in the market …And yes, I took some pictures.

There were a lot to buy from, like beautiful beaded spoons;


Fresh Organic Produce;

Various edible items;

 …And drinks too

Skin Products;


…And other items

It was a good way for families to relax and catch up with friends.

…There was also live music to keep everyone entertained;

Santa was there, but I couldn’t get a picture of him because he was leaving when I came.

It was a successful event, and I hope it finally becomes an event for every Saturday.




Mum about to lose it

I’m a Mum that is about to lose it …Hey Hey! I mean those extra pounds.
I have been yo-yo dieting, and my weight kept going up and down, but I guess it’s time for a healthy lifestyle (I know that it’s not going to be easy). I have now set up my own rules (from lessons learnt with my previous experiences) to lead a healthy lifestyle my own way.

My rules are;
1. Be Real; I am going to set realistic goals. It didn’t take me one month to gain all these, so why do I expect to lose them in a month? All I need to see is progress, and no matter how small, I will appreciate it.

2. Stop my Gym membership and have fun: Hahaha! Yes you read the lines right, don’t re-read it thinking I omitted a word. Since We moved to Muscat, I got a gym membership and never forgot to renew it every year(you would have expected to see some “Halle Berry” abs right?). If I didn’t write this now, you wouldn’t have known because my body has nothing to show for it … Hahaha!
Anyway I realize when I go to the gym for two weeks, it becomes more of an obligation which I don’t enjoy doing, so I end up stopping it, and when it’s a new year I rush back to renew thinking it would be different.

But now I’m going to have fun, I’ll do things I enjoy doing like taking a walk, dancing and would still use my little gym set up in my house. So now I don’t feel compelled to go to the gym based on membership but I choose to burn those calories based on the mood I find myself. Isn’t it fun?

3. Keep the scale away: I have noticed that whenever I start a weight loss journey, I get my eyes fixed on my scale and the numbers, if the numbers don’t go away as I expect I get angry and demoralized. Thereafter go back to where I started feeling the efforts I had made aren’t working. This time, I’m going to measure my progress with my cloth size. I Would bring a cloth from the immediate size below my present size and check if I can fit into it fortnightly, until I finally fit into it.

I started practicing these rules over a month ago, and below is Top of mine I managed to squeeze myself into;

I still have a long way to go, but at least this is a progress I’m happy to share.

4. Eat “Everything”: Apart from the fact that I’m still breastfeeding, and my baby still needs healthy nutrients from me, I have also noticed that restricting myself to a particular kind of meal is not a healthy long term weight loss goal. The moment you start eating other stuff not in the diet plan, the weight piles on again (yeah this my personal experience).
So this time around I’ll eat everything but “portion control” and “calorie count” would be my watch word.

5. I’m Not a Hollywood Mum: Yeah, this is what I’ll constantly remind myself. Hollywood Mums lose their baby weight in a month or two after delivery, but I have to remind myself that I’m not them. I don’t have the paparazzi around me, I don’t have millions of followers on social media, I don’t have a weight loss company putting pressure on me to be their brand ambassador, I don’t have the media discussing how long it has taken me to shed it …I’m just a regular mum, so why the pressure?

I’ll keep you all updated with posts on my progress or failures popping up from to time …lol



It’s that time of the year!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel this year went by so fast. It may be because I spent a reasonable part of the year been pregnant…Hahaha!

Anyway, this is my favorite month (after March of course winks). I always love the Christmas decorations and all the festivities around it, and the feelings of the year coming to an end that follows.

To be honest, before our first Christmas here, I was wondering if Christmas was acknowledged in Oman but when I later saw the Christmas decorations in most places here, I didn’t have to wonder.

A lot of people would be travelling during this period to celebrate with their family and friends back home, while a lot would also remain in Oman. It all depends on what you want, but either way, you can still have fun.

If this is your first Christmas in Muscat, and you are wondering how/where to enjoy a nice Christmas dinner outside home this year (It can be boring if you are home without family or friends visiting), then this link (click on the word “link”) I read today would come handy. The blogger did a good job by compiling them.

Happy New Month!