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Shang Palace

If you are a lover of Chinese cuisines like me, and if you also find yourself in Dubai, then Shang Palace is a place for you.

Two weeks ago, I got that taste of Chinese cuisine that I have missed for a while. For some reasons (I don’t know if it’s my taste buds), I have not really gotten that satisfaction here in Muscat. If anyone can suggest a very good Chinese restaurant here, that would be be great!

Shang Palace is located  in the Shangri-la Dubai Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road.

shang palace1

The Dim Sum Dice game was going on for a discount on meals while we were there, but we didn’t give it a try (All I wanted at that moment was food!!! )

shang palace2


shang palace3

Their food tasted real good as a Chinese dish should taste, their staff was friendly and attentive …and our dessert was complimentary because it was our Wedding Anniversary (winks).

image image image

It was not just the restaurant that gave us a treat for our Anniversary …The hotel (Shangri-La Dubai) also surprised us with this delicious chocolate cake and room upgrade (I actually forgot to get a picture of the room) for our Anniversary.

shang palace4

It was a nice experience, and we would definitely be coming back when next we visit Dubai.





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China Mood

Our Christmas Eve Dinner was at China Mood in Al Bustan Palace Hotel.
It was a 5 course set dinner in two options;

We were welcomed with Green Tea cashew and Green Tea poured out in style;

I went for option A in the set menu, which had these;

Sliced beef shank with sesame, marinated cucumber, orange peel, vegetable spring roll

Traditional Chinese Sea Food Soup

Crispy duck in two styles (Crispy fried spiced duck with pancake & Wok fried minced duck with lettuce)

Wok fried prawns, asparagus

Classic mango pudding with green tea crumbles, and coconut ice cream.

…And we were entertained with live performance;

 The 5 course set menu was 45 OMR per person.

The meal tasted lovely, but I wish a rice or noodles meal was included in the menu.




Food Festival

I keep promising myself to blog more frequently, but with my present schedule, I guess it is easier said than done … I hope to be more efficient with time …winks

Last weekend, I attended the Food Festival organized by the Ghala Church (the arrangement somehow reminded me of Aberdeen International street market).

Different communities were represented, and below are some of the pictures.

I couldn’t get a close picture of the food because of the crowd …it was fun hanging out and chatting with friends while trying out different food.



360° Oman

It’s been almost a year now since 360° restaurant launched in Muscat. I have heard and read reviews about this restaurant, but I haven’t visited the restaurant until the last Eid Holiday (unlike me …I know).

Hubby and I wanted a fine dinning experience and we felt like exploring instead of going to our regular restaurants. 360° came to our mind and we decided to give it a try.

The restaurant is located at the Penthouse of Al Nahda Towers 2, Ghala (Opposite Zubair Automobile). There are two similar towers, go to the one that has the Vaccha Hypermart.
On getting to the ground floor there is the restaurant hostess by the lift to welcome you. Since we didn’t make a booking (because we decided on the restaurant on our drive to the restaurant …lol), the hostess at the ground floor informed us of the dinning options, and we chose the live Teppanyaki.

By the lift at the Penthouse (which is where the restaurant is located), A waitress was already waiting for us, she also gave us a warm welcome and assisted us to the seat she had set for us (we were lucky that some seats were available at the live Teppanyaki section, because there are limited seats in that section, and customers usually make early bookings).

The restaurant has a fantastic view, with a huge space for groups or couples who would like to have some privacy. They also have a luxury shisha lounge (for those that love shisha) and outside seating area.

 This is part of the restaurant’s view

The waitress had good knowledge of the Menu, and was always there to make sure everything was fine

 …The Chef was entertaining (I wish I made a video …sad face)

I enjoyed all I ate there (The meal was great), here are pictures of my meal

 Delicious Sushi

I had already started eating before I remembered I needed to get a picture of this …lol

I enjoyed the dessert

  I will definitely visit again.


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The Mexican Restaurant

I can’t believe another weekend is almost over.
Whew!!! (am really stretching) …last week was a very busy week that I couldn’t notice the days passing by. I had to rest the whole of today(while preparing for the new week) and hardly stepped out.

OK, back to our Mexican gist … Last weekend, we (my hubby and I) felt like exploring meals, and while trying to decide, we agreed on a Mexican Restaurant in MQ.

Apart from the restaurants’ sign post, you may find it difficult to locate the restaurant because its main entrance is a thick door (which you can’t see through). We actually had to open the door to confirm they were not closed for the day.

Anyway, openning the main entrance door, you would notice two other entrances, one leads to the restaurant and the other to their bar.

What caught my attention was the display of cultural arts which really made the restaurant unique.

Their meals were lovely

…Although we were not used to their kind of beans (which is one good thing about exploring other cultures …you always learn something new)

 Oh! How can I be in a Mexican restaurant without margarita! …winks

The most interesting part was their dessert (The Mexican style apple pie), I really enjoyed it

…And this exploration also made me discover that the restaurant has some activities(as seen on the table mat) scheduled for some days.

I will definitely come back for the Karaoke Night …winks


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Dinner at the Noodle House

After some family shopping at the Seeb City Center last night, we were hungry (moreover it was dinner time) and we decided to have dinner at the City center (Mall). We needed a place that would be a bit more relaxing and quiet (after a busy day activities and night shopping with a toddler, one would need some minutes to relax) …enough of blah! blah! …we finally decided on ‘The Noodle House’ based on our previous experiences with them.

The calmness of the environment was what we needed (at that moment, we weren’t in the mood for the busy food court).

Their Menu list was exciting, with mouth watering Asian delicacies

We (My hubby and I, and of course our lil princess who made sure she had a taste of everything) had Sticky chilli beef ribs, crispy salt and pepper calamari, Chinese prawn crakers (side) for Appetizers

When the Main Course arrived, I didn’t know where to start from (I actually didn’t know my thoughts reflected on my face and my hubby was quick to capture it …winks)

Our Main Course consisted of Thai style chilli prawns with basil (usually served with steamed rice);

Nasi goreng with chicken satay and fried egg;

And Singapore noodles with chicken and prawns (which is usually our attraction to the noodle house);

For beverage menu, My hubby had the fresh iced tea, our lil princess had apple juice while I had a mocktail (can’t remember the name …’shame’). I enjoyed my choice of mocktail (tried this particular option for the first time)  …it had some sprinkle of mint leaves that gave it a kind of flavour I enjoyed.

The meals were great, just that we wanted most of our meals to be very spicy (more chilli), but we didn’t get a taste of the spice (maybe it’s as a result of our Naija tastebuds …lol). The price of the entire meal (including the drinks we had) was 31 Omani Rials (about 13,000 Naira or 81 USD), which is Ok compared to what we had and the standard of living in Oman.

 At the end, we definitely had a good night and I couldn’t wait to run to my bed.


Taste of Africa

Coping without an African Food Shop has also been an experience. I know some would say “but we have a lot of African Food Shops here” …yes there are a lot of Zanzibar (a part of Tanzania, which is also Africa) Shops. In case you don’t know, there is a historical relationship between Zanzibar and Oman.

So I guess I would have to rephrase to “No Nigerian Food Shop” or “No West African Food Shop” … smiles.

Unlike in Aberdeen (sorry, I have to make reference to this city because I lived there for a long while) where you could just pop into the African Store (as we used to call it) to pick up whatever you want, it is different here. Although I believe very soon, there would be changes.

OK, enough with Aberdeen gist, we are talking about Muscat. In Muscat, when we need any African food like Yam, Banga, Egusi, Palm Oil (the Zanzibar Stores also have Palm Oil, but it’s not very thick like the Nigerian or Ghanian Palm Oil), Garri, Kpomo (or Kanda as some people call it …I am an “Eko babe”, so we call it Kpomo) etc …we have to wait for some Ghanians that come once a month from Dubai to sell these to us (I guess you can figure what the prices would be …hahaha!!!). If you are so unlucky and fail to get the email or text message of their next arrival (because their arrival dates are not fixed) or if you have another pre-scheduled appointment and didn’t get a friend to buy them for you, then you have to wait for another month …lol!

When they come, they spend just a day. So there is a time-table for the Nigerians and Ghanians (their major customers) in some of the cities in Oman … All to be covered same day. For this month’s sales, they were here during the weekend. I was able to take some pictures to share with you all.

 This is how we have a “Taste of Africa” in Oman.
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“Seafood House”

If you do visit or live in Muscat (the Capital city in Oman) and haven’t been to the “The Turkish House Restaurant”, then you have not really explored the city. (Oh! this is not an advert, am just been real).

The talk about this restaurant from people of different nationalities would make even a person that hates to explore try it out.

As the name of the restaurant implies, the restaurant is been managed by a Turk …I never knew the Turks were this good with Seafood (Maybe I have to start thinking of visiting Istanbul). 

The restaurant is located in Al Khuwair and is not far from the Radisson Blu Hotel. Although the restaurant operates both day and night, but the best time to locate the restaurant if you are a first timer, is at night. You can’t miss the name of the restaurant wriiten in both English and Arabic with the blue light around it.

You have the option of eating in the restaurant or call to make an order, and then 15 minutes later, you go to the restaurant to pick it up. But last night we (my hubby and I) decided to eat in.

As usual, the appetizer is Turkish flat bread and humus (wooh!!! the bread is irresistible …and they always make sure you have enough of it).

For the main course, whenever I am in this restaurant, I don’t have to look at the menu  (despite it being simple) because I am always in for the seafood, and they have never disappointed me. 

You have the option of choosing the fish yourself (that feeling of the Nigerian “point and kill” restaurants winks …but in this place the fishes are not alive). 

So Last night as usual, we had grilled prawns and fish.

Please don’t ask me, How many people are going to eat that? …hahaha!

So you see why, when I think of ‘Seafood’, I think of the ‘Turkish House Restaurant’ …they call it the Turkish House Restaurant, but I call it the “Seafood House”.