Toddlers in the Kitchen

I have always sent Zita (my 3 year old daughter) out of the kitchen anytime she offers to assist me because I had felt she would make the cooking process slow or would make a huge mess in the kitchen.

Anyway during the weekend she was back again in the Kitchen, and I kept sending her away as I usually do, and she later said “please mum”, this phrase made me pause and allow her stay (Oh Yeah! she got me there … In Naija slang we would call it the “mumu button”).

My curious daughter was at it again, wanting to see and take part in everything. In order to keep her busy, I reluctantly gave Her the eggs I have cracked in a bowl to beat. Immediately, she stretched to kiss me and said “Thank You Mum”, The Excitement she had touched my heart.

This made me feel I have been doing something wrong, I should have let her in the kitchen (under supervision) before now. I’ll like to hear from you all, do you let your toddler assist you in the Kitchen?



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