Mum about to lose it

I’m a Mum that is about to lose it …Hey Hey! I mean those extra pounds.
I have been yo-yo dieting, and my weight kept going up and down, but I guess it’s time for a healthy lifestyle (I know that it’s not going to be easy). I have now set up my own rules (from lessons learnt with my previous experiences) to lead a healthy lifestyle my own way.

My rules are;
1. Be Real; I am going to set realistic goals. It didn’t take me one month to gain all these, so why do I expect to lose them in a month? All I need to see is progress, and no matter how small, I will appreciate it.

2. Stop my Gym membership and have fun: Hahaha! Yes you read the lines right, don’t re-read it thinking I omitted a word. Since We moved to Muscat, I got a gym membership and never forgot to renew it every year(you would have expected to see some “Halle Berry” abs right?). If I didn’t write this now, you wouldn’t have known because my body has nothing to show for it … Hahaha!
Anyway I realize when I go to the gym for two weeks, it becomes more of an obligation which I don’t enjoy doing, so I end up stopping it, and when it’s a new year I rush back to renew thinking it would be different.

But now I’m going to have fun, I’ll do things I enjoy doing like taking a walk, dancing and would still use my little gym set up in my house. So now I don’t feel compelled to go to the gym based on membership but I choose to burn those calories based on the mood I find myself. Isn’t it fun?

3. Keep the scale away: I have noticed that whenever I start a weight loss journey, I get my eyes fixed on my scale and the numbers, if the numbers don’t go away as I expect I get angry and demoralized. Thereafter go back to where I started feeling the efforts I had made aren’t working. This time, I’m going to measure my progress with my cloth size. I Would bring a cloth from the immediate size below my present size and check if I can fit into it fortnightly, until I finally fit into it.

I started practicing these rules over a month ago, and below is Top of mine I managed to squeeze myself into;

I still have a long way to go, but at least this is a progress I’m happy to share.

4. Eat “Everything”: Apart from the fact that I’m still breastfeeding, and my baby still needs healthy nutrients from me, I have also noticed that restricting myself to a particular kind of meal is not a healthy long term weight loss goal. The moment you start eating other stuff not in the diet plan, the weight piles on again (yeah this my personal experience).
So this time around I’ll eat everything but “portion control” and “calorie count” would be my watch word.

5. I’m Not a Hollywood Mum: Yeah, this is what I’ll constantly remind myself. Hollywood Mums lose their baby weight in a month or two after delivery, but I have to remind myself that I’m not them. I don’t have the paparazzi around me, I don’t have millions of followers on social media, I don’t have a weight loss company putting pressure on me to be their brand ambassador, I don’t have the media discussing how long it has taken me to shed it …I’m just a regular mum, so why the pressure?

I’ll keep you all updated with posts on my progress or failures popping up from to time …lol


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    Best of luck to you!

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