Weekend with Barney

Barney (of Barney & Friends) was in Oman during the last weekend, and this gave residents/visitors in Oman (especially those with kids) an opportunity to spend some hours with him.

After the much publicized “Barney in Oman” show (Oh yeah! This show was advertised in the malls, radio, newspapers, blogs etc …I don’t think there is anyone in Oman during this period that was not aware that Barney was visiting Oman), hubby got Zita and I  a VIP ticket (which in my personal opinion, I don’t think it was worth the price) to watch the show.

Oh! Don’t get me wrong, the show itself was fabulous, both Zita (who was dancing and almost wanting to join Barney on stage) and I enjoyed the show. Barney was there with his friends (Baby Bop, B.J, Riff and some of the Adults ), and there were lots of singing and dancing. I made lots of amateur videos and would share one with you …winks

Here’s a link (Click on “link”) to the video, and below are some of the pictures

What I didn’t like about the show was the fact that the show started about 35minutes late.
As regards the VIP seats, apart from the fact that we were close to the stage (which made it easy for me to make my amateur videos …lol),  the seats were covered with blue  and white materials, and we were served donuts and water, I didn’t really think they were worth the 125 RO (325 US Dollars) and 75 RO (195 US Dollars) per seat.

Part of the advantage of the VIP ticket was the fact that you would get to take some pictures with Barney, but this also got tiresome because we had to wait for those without VIP tickets to leave, queue for your turn, and then spend few seconds with Barney (which was done in a rush) …Hahaha!

Despite these minor errors (which I feel may be because we attended the 1st show on the 1st day), We had a great time.



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  • Reply Anonymous November 1, 2013 at 11:57 am

    I enjoy reading your blog …and was also at the Barney Show (7pm on the 1st day), our show also started late but it was fun, and my sons enjoyed it.

    • Reply Naija Expat Wife November 1, 2013 at 12:01 pm

      Thank You Anonymous for stopping by my blog, and I’m happy to know that you enjoy reading it …also good to know that your sons just like my daughter enjoyed the show. 🙂

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