With Love From Thailand

Since I went on vacation, I seem to have gotten carried away with activities and fun that even reading my mails now seems to be a duty …Hahaha!

Those following me on Instagram already know where I’m spending my vacation (… even my post title says it all …lol). We wanted to spend this years’ vacation in Asia, and based on reviews we agreed on Thailand.

The trip to Thailand was just about 6hours from Muscat and it was very relaxing

With our little princess as the hostess …lol!

 On getting to Bangkok, the welcome was very warm that I felt at home immediately (really unlike me). Our chauffeur (Mr. Viccha) was dressed in this lovely uniform that caught our attention, he told us almost everything we needed to know about Thailand, which also made the drive to the hotel seem short and interesting.

At the hotel, we were welcomed like royals (no kidding!!!). The hotel staff (all formally dressed in both Thai and Western attires) greeted and gave each of us flowers (with lovely fragrance) at the entrance, led us straight to the room and the check in process was done in the comfort of our room.


I also liked the entertainment for hotel guest at the lobby

…So far, Thailand seems interesting. I  enjoyed the Thai food and dance at the Sala Rim Naam Restaurant. It is the hotel’s Thai restaurant located on the other side of the river.

Behind us is the boat that transports the hotel guest to its restaurant and Spa on the other side of the river

Thai dance is beautiful, and depicts its culture. Below are some of the pictures;

 Masked Dance: Yoke Rob

Usavadee procession; which reflects the influence of the Central part of Thailand

The meals were also lovely and are served in Thai homestyle (all at the same time).

Steamed Thai dumpling filled with herbed minced chicken and peanut; Grilled squid with ground toasted rice and chilli powder tamarind sauce; Deep-fried prawn patties with sweet plum sauce

Spiced mushroom salad with batter deep fried scallop;

Clear smoked dried fish soup with fresh herbs; Stir-fried vegetables with oyster sauce; Fried Ayutthaya river prawn marinated with tumeric, sweet and salty tamarind sauce; Steamed Hom Mali rice;

Red roasted duck curry; Sea crab cooked in herbed coconut cream; Carved fresh vegetables;

Assorted tropical carved fresh fruits; Water chestnut rubies with coconut ice cream; Sweetened millet porridge, Thai barley and ginkgo topped with salty coconut cream;

 I liked the traditional attire

And the lovely night view of the hotel

Thai people have given me a lovely impression about them (first impression I guess matters).
I would try to keep you updated about my stay.


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