Nightlife during Ramadan

During Ramadan, timings for almost everything tends to change (Which is understandable because during this period, the Muslims fast from food, water, smoking etc., and so would need time to rest and stay away from the heat). Therefore, you have to re-confirm opening hours for most stores and activities during this period.

The good part about these changes to timings is that stores tends to close later than usual, and this also gives more life to most activities at night. I love nightlife activities (even though motherhood now tends to limit it) because that is the time you get to see the beauty of a city.winks

The night activities usually starts after 7pm (after the Iftar meal), but doesn’t get busy until around 9pm and up till early hours of the morning. Since the kids are on holiday during this period, they don’t have to go to bed early (so don’t be surprised when you see them still having fun around 11pm).

Most of the pictures were taken between 11pm and Midnight, yet you would see that the city is still lively. This was taken at the Jawharat Al Shatti;

At Al Shatti Plaza

At the Qurum Beach

At Al Masa Mall

At the Park (Qurum Park)

While I enjoy nightlife during this period, I won’t forget to say RAMADAN KAREEM!!! to the Muslims.


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