Managing Toddlers while on a Trip

Traveling with toddlers is not as easy as it may seem, and as a mother, it is something you can’t avoid.

Before embarking on our recent trip, despite the excitement of traveling (Hahaha! I love traveling), one part of me was wondering how I was going to cope alone(since it’s not yet our vacation, my hubby would be busy with official stuffs) with our little princess, and without the maid.

I had to research on ways to manage toddlers while on a trip, and still have time for myself and other fun activities. I came up with these little tips that worked for me;

1. Travel with familiar toys.
Since I always want to travel light (because I always end up buying too much before the end of the trip), I used to make the mistake of believing we would buy new toys for her when we arrive at our destination, but she ends up not picking interest or being used to them.

2. Create a schedule for them.
Not only adults needs a schedule to plan their day, kids also need a scheduled pattern (it mustn’t be a strict schedule but it has to be a routine your child gets used to). Set out the time you would want them to eat, sleep, play etc. Usually, when we arrive to a new environment, my daughter is able to differentiate that it’s a hotel and not her room. She won’t mind playing almost the whole day and it’s usually worse when we travel to countries on a different time zone. Finally, since she didn’t get enough rest/ sleep, she may end up being cranky the next day.

3. Make sure they have some sleep before taking them out for fun or sight-seeing. They would feel refreshed and would also give you time to have some fun.

4. Study them and know when they are tired of a particular environment. Whether you want to believe it or not, they are the ‘Boss’, if you don’t make a move at that moment, they would make sure you also get fed up with the environment (Hahaha! I believe you won’t want it to get to that stage …cos it’s not funny).

5. Try to involve some activities that both you and them can have fun doing. They end up exhausted, and would sleep through the night, while you would also have fun during the day and the night to rest (it’s a win-win situation.) winks

Based on these, I was able to have some rest, and move around during the Abu Dhabi stay. Below are some of the pictures;

Relaxation at Emirates Palace Hotel

Sight-seeing at the Awesome Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Shopping at the Marina Mall

Have a fun-filled holiday.


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