Job’s Tomb in Oman (Nabi Ayoub)

If you love historical/ religious sites, or you plan to visit Oman this summer and need more activities for your ‘To do List’, or you just feel like satisfying your curiosity, then Job’s Tomb (Nabi Ayoub) is an option for you.

I guess at this point, you may be wondering; ‘who is Job?’ … Yeah it is the Biblical Job (most of us know) of the Book of Job, who is also known as a Prophet in Islam (and is called ‘Ayoub’).

There have been different arguements and belief as to where the tomb of Job is contained; some say it is in Egeria the pilgrim in Syria, some say it is located outside the city of Urfa in Turkey, some say it is in Dayr Ayyub, Palestine, some say in the Druze community of Lebanon, and others say it is in Jabal Qara outside the city of Salalah, Oman.

As regards the Salalah location, It is about 45 mins drive away from Salalah Oman, and it is located in the Ittin mountain. If you visit this area during the summer period, known as ‘Khareef’, you would see greenery (which is unique) in this part of the country as opposed to the desert feel of the Gulf region.

Here are some of the pictures I took of the place, starting from the entrance and path leading to the tomb;

This is where the tourist guide said he faces to say his prayers

The said spring where Job slammed his foot on the ground to bring about water (according to the tourist guide)

He seems to be taller than a normal person looking at the length of the feet above and the tomb below

The question most people still ask is; how are we sure it is really Job’s Tomb? …All I can say is enjoy the scenery of that area; the amazing mountain view, the Salalah city view (you would also get to see the rural part of Oman), and the weather difference (Foggy weather).


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