Mums and Summer Time!!!

With the present level of humidity, you don’t need someone to tell you the time of the year it is …your skin feels sweaty but you don’t sweat it  out (weird right!), you keep drinking water yet you are always thirsty and when you are out in the evening, you still feel same but now the air is hot and feels like you are going to choke (lol) …yeah! it’s SUMMER TIME!!!

The excitement of Summer time is back again. Some have already embarked on their vacation trip, some have a planned trip, some are still figuring the country to visit, some are wondering how to cope when others leave for summer (Yeah! you won’t blame those under this group …because Oman is usually almost like a ghost town during this period ‘for expatriates’ because most expatriates travel around this time).

After sorting out  where to visit and activities for the summer, some are still bordered if their bikini body (Hahaha!!! don’t worry, I’m very far from this category …maybe next time, lol!) is back in shape?

Oh! …And the kids are not left out in this excitement.  They are happy to go on a long break with enough time to play.

While going through Zita’s (my daughter) school bag, after seeing her progress report and the summer greetings from the school (Aww! I love the fact that her hand print is on it …lovely),

I realized some questions that may be going through the mind of some mums during this summer … How do I keep them busy for the whole summer?, What summer camps are in place?, Hope the activities planned would be sufficient?, Is there sufficient activities for kids in the country chosen for vacation? Are the Hotels booked, kids friendly? How do I keep them busy on flight while traveling for vacation? …And the list goes on and on …

No matter the category you find yourself from the questions above, try to have fun.


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  • Reply Kahleel Hamilton June 30, 2013 at 8:58 pm

    Hi Naija, thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I was in Muscat this past December and really enjoyed my time there. It is a beautiful city to live in.
    We can follow each other. I would love to learn more about your life in Oman.

    • Reply Naija Expat Wife July 2, 2013 at 10:36 am

      Hi Kahleel,
      Thanks for also stopping by my blog. Nice to know you enjoyed your stay in Muscat, and I hope my blog would help you know more about Oman.
      I’m now following your blog to know more about Abu Dhabi, and interestingly, I am presently in Abu Dhabi.

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