Taste of Africa

Coping without an African Food Shop has also been an experience. I know some would say “but we have a lot of African Food Shops here” …yes there are a lot of Zanzibar (a part of Tanzania, which is also Africa) Shops. In case you don’t know, there is a historical relationship between Zanzibar and Oman.

So I guess I would have to rephrase to “No Nigerian Food Shop” or “No West African Food Shop” … smiles.

Unlike in Aberdeen (sorry, I have to make reference to this city because I lived there for a long while) where you could just pop into the African Store (as we used to call it) to pick up whatever you want, it is different here. Although I believe very soon, there would be changes.

OK, enough with Aberdeen gist, we are talking about Muscat. In Muscat, when we need any African food like Yam, Banga, Egusi, Palm Oil (the Zanzibar Stores also have Palm Oil, but it’s not very thick like the Nigerian or Ghanian Palm Oil), Garri, Kpomo (or Kanda as some people call it …I am an “Eko babe”, so we call it Kpomo) etc …we have to wait for some Ghanians that come once a month from Dubai to sell these to us (I guess you can figure what the prices would be …hahaha!!!). If you are so unlucky and fail to get the email or text message of their next arrival (because their arrival dates are not fixed) or if you have another pre-scheduled appointment and didn’t get a friend to buy them for you, then you have to wait for another month …lol!

When they come, they spend just a day. So there is a time-table for the Nigerians and Ghanians (their major customers) in some of the cities in Oman … All to be covered same day. For this month’s sales, they were here during the weekend. I was able to take some pictures to share with you all.

 This is how we have a “Taste of Africa” in Oman.

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  • Reply ruby July 31, 2014 at 1:55 pm

    wow interesting then
    its my first time on your blog and im loving it big time
    Ive been smiling since i started
    how do they supply the African Food
    i want to try and see how it will go like.
    Can you please help me on how they go about it
    My name is Ruby from Ghana

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