New Weekend in Oman!!!

There is no better way to celebrate the shift of weekend in Oman from Thursday & Friday to Friday & Saturday than blogging …ha ha ha!

After Living in Nigeria (Naija) & United Kingdom and visiting some other countries, I felt despite different cultures and values, that weekend was what all countries share in common but moving to the Middle East apparently proved me wrong. At first when we moved to Oman, I found it difficult adjusting to the weekends. It took some time before I could get used to the fact that Saturdays and Sundays were work days, I had to constantly remind family back home that those days weren’t weekends, I also had to get used to the fact that weekends in the UAE (We always visit) was also different from Oman (Whew!!!) …but as from this month “Kalas” (as constantly been used here meaning “enough”), weekends here are now similar to weekends in the UAE (Fridays & Saturdays), and I can now enjoy Saturdays with family and friends back home.

Living in Oman as an Expatriate’s wife for the past two years has been Adventurous with lots of fun, experiences and LEARNING (in capital letters) …I remember when I first told friends that I am in Oman, there were lots of questions like; Where is that?, Is that a country or city?, did you say “Uhman”?, “Homan”?, “Uran”?, “Oran”? Oh! Middle East, hope you are safe?, Is it peaceful there? …and the list of questions go on and on … Surprisingly, I still get these questions when re-connecting with long lost friends.

This blog, although my personal views, would try to provide answers to these questions.
It would try to cover aspects of Adventures, Life & Style, Fashion etc…

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